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Welcome to CellAI

We’re developing 3D spatial biology software capable of 3D cell phenotyping. Researchers can use our software to unlock data that was previously not available in their datasets. Our aim is to demystify disease.

My name is Al Hansen, president and founder. Please reach out with any questions.

The Problem

  • Researchers need to escape 2D flat biology and gain access to real world 3D biological data
  • There is still a poor understanding of the tumor microenvironment
  • 90% of the drugs conceived never make it to the medicine cabinet
  • It is data that can advance scientific research, not pretty pictures alone

The Solution

The solution is spatial biology with underlying quantitative data. At CellAI, we make the invisible, visible. We show the context. We show the numbers.

We provide a blueprint and quantitative data to understand biology in three dimensions:

  • to understand the tumor microenvironment
  • to know whether a drug is working or not
  • to see what’s going on in the cellular neighborhood

CellAI Technology

Our software is platform agnostic and works with microscopes and instruments that capture high resolution, 3D images of tissues. It doesn’t matter whose microscope, or which instrument the images come from.

These images use fluorescent labeling to reveal the presence of different biomarkers.

CellAI reveals the 3D spatial relationships and the quantitative data that scientists need to advance their research.

What Scientists are Saying about 3D Spatial Biology

“Looking at the immune cell infiltration and migration patterns in three-dimensional space would be really informative to disease progression.”
Priyank Patel, PhD

Senior Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim
“Spatial tissue profiling has a new name now - but in a few years it will be for healthcare just Pathology.”
Ioannis Vlachos
Spatial Technologies Unit, Harvard Medical School, BIDMC, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

The Competitive Landscape

The solutions landscape spans discovery, translational research, and reaches into the clinic.

It all starts with a tissue. That tissue is imaged or scanned, and its digital representation can be further analyzed in software. Digital pathology takes this practice into the clinic.

CellAI Key Advantages

  • 3D Spatial Biology Focus
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Quantitative analysis
  • 3D cell phenotyping
  • 3D quantitative data
  • Handles large datasets

Scientists use numerous software solutions within their organizations. Software solutions are a mix of commercial, open source and in some cases home grown, DIY solutions.

Market Size

The current market for 3D image analysis is very small. We believe this is because there are no commercial solutions to analyze large 3D datasets.​ We estimate the total addressable market at about $7 billion, with about $2 billion pre-clinical.​ Details available on request.


  • Acquired software IP portfolio and development team from ClearLight Biotechnologies
  • Started up CellAI, Inc. to address unmet need for commercial solution to empower researchers with decision making around large 3D datasets and quantitative analysis
  • Identified first alpha customer and worked on the first external dataset to test the software and workflow
  • Seeking investment to continue product development and gain customer feedback


Favorable Exits in the Life Sciences Software Tools

Please inquire for more info.

Pubmed search results of ‘spatial biology’ by years demonstrates the increase in publications related to spatial analysis in the last few years.

Our Team

Our team is well educated, experienced in life sciences, technology, and startup and enterprise software.

Get to know our team

Al Hansen

Sharla White, PhD

Ahmed Alsinan, PhD

Greg Olson

Investment Terms

CellAI seeks accredited investors who invest in early-stage life sciences software.
Use of funds will be to further develop software, expand alpha customers, and tune workflow and deep learning model to fit new customers.


  • Current addressable market $7B+
  • IP Strategy – AI + trade secret + first mover in 3D
  • Large installed based of 3D microscopes
  • Significant milestones already achieved
  • Comparables show strong strategic interest and exits
  • Experienced team in place for 1 year +​
  • Early customer traction
  • Convertible note offering with lead investor founder
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Al Hansen, President

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