CellAI Alpha Program

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Apply to Participate in CellAI Alpha Program

CellAI is at the alpha stage of product development. We are interested in working with additional solid tumor oncology researchers. If you have a  3D dataset and are interested in participating in the program please apply.

Input Requirements for Images

  • Monochrome images
  • 16 bits per channel
  • Individual TIFF per frame format
  • Color, Z and XY annotated in image name
  • No overexposed regions
  • Minimum signal to noise ratio on positive regions of 1.65 / 1.

Note: We would want to know what channel = the primary “positive cell ID’ boundary for segmentation and what other channels are used for characterization or additional segmentation/validation

Apply to Participate in Alpha

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CellAI Technology

Our software is platform agnostic and works with microscopes and instruments that capture high resolution, 3D images of tissues. It doesn’t matter whose microscope, or which instrument the images come from.

These images use fluorescent labeling to reveal the presence of different biomarkers.

CellAI reveals the 3D spatial relationships and the quantitative data that scientists need to advance their research.

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