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We are CellAI

(A new company operating in stealth mode)


  • Developing 3d Spatial Biology AI-powered Software
  • To Analyze Large Datasets Generated By 3D Images of Tissue Specimens
  • We Aim to Empower Researchers Involved in Drug Discovery and Development

This is what we believe.

Flat biology can be limiting. Three dimensions are better than two.

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Context matters. It matters in life and it matters in cells.

Data informs. With it researchers can form better questions.

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Better questions provoke understanding and can unlock many of the mysteries of disease and cellular interactions.

Researchers empowered with quantitative analysis based on 3D spatial biology can produce safer and more effective therapeutics.

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Every researcher should have access to 3D spatial biology tools no matter the institution, the lab, or what instruments or microscopy software they have available.


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